Volume & Issue: Volume 50, Issue 1, 2022 
sdg-IBM1 Calculations for Osmium Nuclei

Pages 13-24

Bilal R. Obaid; saad N. Abood; Laith A Najam

Molecular dynamic Investigation of HN2 on a Potential Energy Surface designed by Lie Algebra Method

Pages 59-65

Elwallid Shehata Sedik; Mohamed Hassan Talaat; Ali Helmy Moussa; Moustafa Ismail Shalaby

Very forward jets as a probe for low-x parton evolution

Pages 77-84

Mahmoud Mahmoud; Ralf Ulrich; A. Elabd; Naglaa Rashad; Yasser Mohammed

The Friedmann Robertson Walker Space time in Lyra Geometry

Pages 109-116

E. A. Hegazy; M. Abdel-Megied; M. Abdelgaber; Amira A. Gedamy