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  Prof. Mahmoud Ahmed El-Sherbini

                                                 Founder of the Egyptian Physical Society                                                                                                                                                                                                

                First Editor in Chief of the Egyptian Journal of Physics       

 (1909 – 1998)

         Professor Mahmoud El-Sherbini is considered one of the pioneers of
         physics in Egypt and is highly appreciated for his contribution to the spreading
         and development of physics education and research in Egypt as well as in the
         rest of the Arabic world.
                          Born in Menia Al Kamh, a small town in the province of El-Sharqia
         where he attended school, Mahmoud El-Sherbini entered the one-year-old
         Faculty of Science of the Egyptian University in 1926. This was the only university in
         Egypt at that time. Four years later he was awarded the honour 
         and distinction the B. Sc. Degree  in Physics and Mathematics. The M. Sc. Degree
         that was to follow, was entitled “Third Order Terms in the Theory of Stark
         Effect and Three Dimensional Periodic Orbits in the Field of Non-Neutral Atoms”
         and  was supervised by professor Ali Moustafa Mosharafa.
                          In 1932 he joined King’s College in London. There he had the honour of
         working  with the great English physicist and Nobel Laureate Sir  O. W. Richardson
         who  also supervised his Ph. D. thesis on “Electron Reflection in the Low Energy
                          On his return to Egypt in 1935, he was appointed lecturer at the Physics
         Department of the Faculty of Science of the Egyptian University. He was the
        first graduate of the Egyptian University to obtain a Ph. D. degree in Physics. 
                          In 1945 his scientific efforts were rewarded with a position as an
         assistant  professor. In the same year, he left the Egyptian University in Cairo
         (named University of Fouad I at that time) to join the University of Farouk I in
         Alexandria (renamed Alexandria University in 1952) where he was appointed
         Head of the Physics Department.
                          In 1949 he became Professor of Physics at the Faculty of Science of
         Alexandria University (the first graduate of an Egyptian University to become
         Professor of Physics), Vice Dean (1950 – 1952) and Dean (1957 – 1961).
         Professor El-Sherbini remained Head of the Physics Department for more than
         20 years (1945 – 1969). He continued his contribution to Physics as Emeritus
         Professor till 1998. Apart from the Physics Department that was founded by him,
         he is also regarded as one of the founders of the Faculty of Science of Alexandria
                          Professor El-Sherbini’s  lifelong  contribution to Physics teaching and
         research in Egypt is inestimable. Among his great achievements in the field of
         research is his work on Stark effect for strong fields which was recognized as
         one of the most accurate in this area (Quantum Mechanics by Pauling and Wilson,
         McGraw- Hill), his pioneering work on crystal rectification which is among the
         best of its type and also the first work on Solid State Physics in Egypt, and his
         the discovery of inverse rectification at low temperatures which was the basis for
         the theory developed by Holten in 1951.
                           His textbooks on heat and thermodynamics, electrodynamics and
         quantum  mechanics still serve as indispensable references for both undergraduate
         and graduate students.
                            Moreover, with his numerous open lectures and essays, in which he as
         no other had mastered  the art of simplifying complex matter in such a way that
         physics became accessible for a broad public, he managed to inspire a great number
         of people and attract dozens of students to study physics.
                            In 1968 he established a Centre for Nuclear Studies at Alexandria University.
         The Cockcroft and Walton accelerator with which the Centre was equipped, was the
         first accelerator in Middle East Universities.
                            The Egyptian Physical Society and the Egyptian Journal of Physics were established by
         Professor El-Sherbini in 1968. In the same year, he was elected
         first President of the Society and first Editor in Chief.
         His passing away in 1998 was a great loss to the scientific community in Egypt.