Physical and Optical Properties of CdO B2O3 Bi2O3 TeO2 Glass System

Document Type : Original Article


Al Azhar University


The physical and optical properties of xCdO (35-x) B2O3 60Bi2O3 5TeO2 glass system (where, x=10, 20, 30) has been investigated. Thermal stability , density , optical transmittance and the refractive index of these glasses have been studied. It was found that the values of density increase but the values of molar volume and oxygen packing density decrease by increasing CdO content. Also, the thermal stability of all the studied samples increase by increasing CdO content. However, it was found that the values of optical energy gap decrease by increasing CdO content for all the studied samples. While as the values of refractive index, molar polarizability, oxide ion polarizability, optical basicity increase by increasing CdO content. Also, all the studied samples exhibit insulating behavior and become more basic and more polarized by increasing CdO content. The high values of third order nonlinear optical susceptibility for all the studied samples, were found to be in the range (1.408-2.307)x 10-12esu, which is larger than that of pure silica glass. Finally, it has been suggested that all the studied samples are promising materials for nonlinear optical requests.